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Guidance Notes On Planning Permission Building Regulation Approval And Guarantess

Generally speaking one should be looking for evidence of :

Note : the building regs. will also now include checks to be made on :

Absence of requisite consents : please be aware that the absence of planning permission and/or building regulation approval (and the completion certificate) could mean that the works are structurally unsound or alternatively that consent was refused

Please note : any absence of requisite consents :

Note also : the absence of the requisite consents does not necessarily mean that the work was carried out unsatisfactorily : conversely the issue of a Regularisation Certificate would not be conclusive that the work was satisfactory.

Enforcement proceedings : the local authority may take enforcement proceedings in respect of any unauthorized works and require them to be brought up to the required present day standard.

You will need to let me know if you wish me to make an approach to the local authority to obtain any copy consents and completion certificates even though (of course) this may alert the local authority to unauthorized works and precipitate enforcement action.

For properties within Birmingham please note Birmingham City Council have issued separate guidance as to enforcement for lack of building regulation approval.

Further advice : you will appreciate this it is for your surveyor (and not myself) to provide guidance or reassurance as to whether or not any building works have been carried out properly.

Consideration may need to be given as to indemnity insurance : note this will generally only be available where :

As to guarantees :

It is important to check the terms of any guarantees (for example : timber and damp work) to ensure that not only that the company providing the guarantee is still in existence but the guarantee itself is transferable : if it is, the terms upon which any transfer of the guarantee will be accepted by the company will need to be checked.

Improvements after 1st April 1993 : effect on Council Tax

Please note if there have been improvements to the property since 1st April 1993 there is a possibility that the property may be moved to a higher council tax band when the property changes ownership

These are important issues :

You should let us have as mach information as you have about works (or any change of use) that may have been carried to the property since its original construction : there may be a need to consider :

Important Warning :

These can be discussed further but you should not contact the local authority at this stage : this can jeopardize your ability to obtain indemnity insurance .

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