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Supplementary costs : there may be occasion when circumstances dictate we need to charge further fees : to ensure you are fully aware these are set out below : it may be, of course, none of these apply to your transaction but, in case one or more should, we want you to be aware of these from the outset


Planning : Build Regs : Chancel policy : £10.00 for each policy
Defective title indemnity policy : £25.00 for each policy
Consent form : occupier : sale or purchase : £25.00 for each form
Revised mortgage offer : purchase : £25.00 for each offer
Further mortgages to discharge : sale : £25.00 for each mortgage
Second mortgages : purchase : £50.00 for each mortgage
Home Buyer’s report : full review : £25.00
Statutory Declarations : £50.00 for each
Merger of title : £50.00 freehold and leasehold
Insurance : approval : £25.00 non lender cover
Expedition fee : completion less than 7 days : £50.00
External funding : eg parents : £50.00
Bankruptcy searches : clearance : £10.00 per entry


Emails and phone calls : max of 10%. on estimated fees

if we are required to respond to numerous emails/calls on a regular basis we reserve the right to make an additional charge not exceeding 10% of the estimated fees

Extensive additional correspondence : max of 10% on estimated fees

We would normally expect paperwork to be sorted within 6 – 8 weeks : if (for any reason) this lasts beyond 12 weeks we reserve the right to look to an increment on our fees not exceeding 10% of the estimated fees


Note (1) : all costs are subject to VAT

Note (2) : further disbursements may be incurred if specialist searches prove necessary : eg coal : tin clay : radon : limestone

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